Why Boombi

It just takes 3 easy steps to take care of yourself and the ones you love, including the planet!

Take care of yourself + the planet

  • Know where your food comes from
  • Save water
  • Reduce food miles and emissions
  • Reduce food waste
  • Healthier and tastier

Beneficial for you and your loved ones

Indoor plants improve the aesthetics of your home, air quality and improves your day to day life.

Flavor and freshness to your dishes and drinks.

Get the taste of farming your own food, anywhere, anytime, with no effort.

From large-scale vertical farming to your kitchen

Boombi is born from years of experience of an entire vertical farming company.

Boombi is designed and assembled by Groots, a company based in Barcelona that has developed a whole new system of hydroponic vertical farming.

They were motivated by the urge to find a more sustainable way to farm, because traditional agriculture has huge consequences for the environment.

Groots distribute to supermarkets and grocery stores, but they wanted to make vertical farming even more accessible.

That's when they came up with boombi!

Boombi is the efficiency of an entire industry brought to your home, so you can grow like the pros, with hardly any effort!

The seed of boombi

  • May 2020

    Early sketches

  • June 2020

    First boombi
    prototype ever.
    It was made of cardboard!

  • June 2020

    Researching material options.

  • July 2020

    Working on renders.

  • August 2020

    3D printing a prototype.

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