Baby Pak Choi
baby pak choi plug
pak choi leafs
Baby Pak Choi
Baby Pak Choi
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Baby Pak Choi

4 Pak Choi pre-seeded plugs ready to grow.
The seeds are already introduced in the plug at the right depth.
Just add a bit of water and let nature do its thing!
After a few days, the plugs will be ready to be moved to boombi.

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Basic Info

Pak Choi, also commonly known as Bok Choi or Chinese cabbage, belongs to the group of the cruciferous, among which we can find other dark leafy greens such as Kale.

The baby leaves are so tender you can eat them raw, in a salad, for example. Older leaves tend to have a more bitter taste, when cooked they'll get softer.

Pak Choi is rich in water, fiber, and vitamins. It has very few calories which makes it a very light green however is satiating. It's also said to be a great source of vitamins A, C, K, B12, B6, calcium, iron and potassium among others.

Care + Tips

Around the 4th week, Baby Pak Choi will be grown enough to be cut and used in any dish. 

We recommend cropping the whole plant, otherwise it would grow into an adult plant, taking too much space and passing its optimum point.


Tip: Pak Choi leaves grow heavier than other plants, that's why we recommend plugging it into the lower positions.


Recommended water and lightning timings: 

Water: 1 minute every hour 

Light: 16 hours ON per day



Plug Tech

We avoid the use of soil thanks to our growing medium composed of coconut fiber and peat, which allows us to recreate the perfect growing conditions.

The coconut fibre plug is a growing medium that holds the ideal amunts of water and humidity for plants to grow and roots to develop.

The porosity of the plug promotes root growth. Keep an eye on any roots sticking out of the sides of the plug, they are a good sign! They indicate that your plants will grow healthy and strong.

It is composed of 90% coconut fiber and 10% peat, so it is totally compostable and free of chemicals

Germination warranty

Everything should be fine, but nature can always surprise us. If your plants do not germinate, we will replace them.

Set up your boombi with these 3 easy steps

1. Germinate

Add water to the germinator and wait for the preseeded cones to sprout. Then move the budding plants to boombi.

2. Move the plugs to boombi

Mix the bag of solid nutrients with water in the bottle included and shake it like a Polaroid picture.

3. Germinate

Plug it in and let de farming begin!

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